September 10 2016



  • Ride the right bike – it is highly recommended that you use a road bike with clipless pedals because of the long distance and challenging terrain for this event.  See Choosing the Right Bike
  • Check your bike – even though there will be mechanics at the tour, it is your responsibility to make sure your bike is running well.  Check the tires for any wear and replace where necessary.  Ensure brakes are functioning and are not too worn.  Also make sure the gears change smoothly and correctly.
  • Get the miles in  there’s no getting around it.  If you’re doing the SWC 60 km tour, you should have cycled some 150-300 kilometers.  If you’re doing the SWC 110 km tour you’ll need about 600 kilometers of preparation and if you’re doing the Epic 180 km tour you should have at least 1000 km of riding under your belt.  An easy way to accumulate these miles is to join a local club.   
  • Mechanical Supplies – even though bicycle mechanics are available during the ride, you should still bring your own spare tube, tire levers and know how to change a flat.
  • Food – plenty of drinks and food will be provide during the ride. However, you are responsible to ensure you are properly hydrated and adequately fed over the course of the tour.
  • Clothing - since this is a rain or shine event, wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions – riding shorts and breathable clothing etc.  If it is going to rain make sure you bring rain gear to help prevent heat loss.