September 10 2016


STRAVA Challenge

Join us on STRAVA and participate in the STRAVA timed segment Challenge.

There will be 2 timed segments for the SWC and they will be revealed closer to the event date. Your final times for both segments will be combined and averaged. Fastest riders will win a nominal cash prize. There will be men and women categories, so KOM (King of the Mountain) and QOM (Queen of the Mountain) with all ages included.

How to Join

  1. Sign up with the SWC STRAVA at
  2. Download SWC STRAVA challenge segment a day or 2 before Sept 6th to your bike GPS or phone GPS.
  3. Then you’re ready to go! Your bike gps or phone will automatically detect the segment when you ride through it. We will have signs notifying you of the start and finish points.
  4. After the ride you must download your results to STRAVA within 24 hours
  5. Winners will be notified and announcement made.


  1. Racing through segments must be done in a controlled and safe manner.
  2. Passing other riders must be done safely. Look behind and ahead before passing and let other riders know you are doing so by saying “On Left”.
  3. Never cross yellow line to pass. Marshals will be monitoring the segment and can disqualify anyone who makes this or any other dangerous move.
  4. This is an open roads event so you are ride according to the Highway Traffic Act. You must share the road and not allowed to unnecessarily block